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This series brings ideas at the forefront of data science to the community and our potential partners. Lectures, webinars, podcasts, and workshops in this series are intended to inspire data science and advanced analytics innovation and exploration. 

A collection of the more interesting presentations that SFL Scientific has given at open conferences and events. We would be pleased to start a dialogue and engage with any interested party. For further information please contact us


An early summary of our data science services:

An interview with our CEO at the Boston Open Data Science Conference (ODSC 2016):

Open Data Science Conference Talks & Poster (ODSC 2016):

Lecture Series:

Experfy : Introduction to Data Science with Applications to Healthcare

Michael Luk, CTO.

"In the next five years, machine learning will play an increasingly important role in healthcare. Whether it's aggregating new results in medical journals using Natural Language Processing, predicting diseases using Time-Series Analysis, or detecting cancer from MRIs using Machine Vision, healthcare is on the verge of a big data revolution. The purpose of this course will be to introduce you to these topics and more. We start from the basics of machine learning and guide you through how to apply these techniques to real-world healthcare applications. While this course uses healthcare use cases as examples, the techniques are general and apply to a wide range of industries and scientific fields."


Datacamp : Time Series Class [as PDF]


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