Common Use Cases

Companies can now collect information for a number of smart sensor, wearable, and consumer electronic sources, leveraging the right data to develop intuitive features and apply analytics that generate effective insights for business goals. With the rise in IoT, more processes will be automated using machine-to-device communication, powered by algorithms developed using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and deep learning. Competitive advantage will be gained in the use of data streams to improve efficiency, security, operations, inventory, and allow for new revenue opportunities.

SFL Scientific allows companies to analyze the high volume sensor data, employing time-series machine learning techniques in real-time. We have the tools, experience, and partnerships necessary to truly work with your big data volumes at scale, and not just in a local environment.


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Our consultants and engineers have worked with industry leaders, collecting and analyzing information to transform business practices. We'd like to help creating your next solution, whether migrating legacy platforms or developing new systems. Technology moves fast, let's build sustainable solutions.