Common Use Cases

Data-driven insights are creating opportunities for healthcare organizations to deliver ground-breaking medicine and patient care. The value of data is realized only when stakeholders buy-in into the diverse set of technologies emerging at the provider, payer, and patient level.

Healthcare organizations are in a unique position harness rich data and operate with greater insight: Electronic health records [text], medical images [video, images], sensor data [time-series], lab results, clinical data, hospital operational data, payer data, etc. Organizations will be able to uncover leading clinical practices, shrink research time, streamline administration, and offer new personalized engagement and discovery, such as digital health, at an industrial scale that will align individual’s decisions and actions in ways that improve outcomes.

At SFL Scientific, we leverage data science tools to create custom platforms and systems that monitor, learn, and inform users. We analyze interactions and data for evidence-based care, faster identification of shortfalls in adherence, compliance, and comprehensive data sharing between hospital and health insurance partners. We use predictive analytics not to reinvent the wheel, but take a value-based and operational automation approach to demonstrate the value of your data downstream. We help create smarter systems through smart data analytics.  


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