Common Use Cases

As the modernization of infrastructures continues, with smart grid technologies and IoT sensors reaching 100% penetration, we can combine historical and customer data sets with examining smart meter data and real-time energy usage, including time-series analysis for such things as energy disaggregation; breaking down voltage, current, and status of appliances and other electronics information. Harnessing these real-time datasets and making use of the information flow, along with incorporating traditional sources of information through operations, can generate tremendous value for teams and organizations, without an enormous investment. SFL can enhance systems and improve the quality of data leading to reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction. 

  • Automated outage management system reports
  • Aggregate social media, online forms, customer calls, service tickets
  • Video, photo, and mapping; anomaly detection and maintenance
  • Integrating and deploying cloud-based solutions across business units

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