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SFL Scientific has vast experience helping customers effectively utilize AWS to enable machine learning, store data, migrate workflows, and leverage the seamless transition between cloud and on-premises environments. The biggest advantage to using a technology like AWS is the ability to prototype quickly and deploy at scale, reacting quickly to real-time business needs.


Why SFL Scientific

SFL is a Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services (AWS), helping companies navigate and innovate in a rapidly changing technological environment. We specialize in emerging technology and predictive systems through data engineering, machine learning, and Artificial Intelligence. SFL is technology agnostic, and has long track record of successfully delivering the optimized solutions using the right technology. Learn more about us and our services:

SFL Scientific AWS Machine Learning Consulting Partner

Data Lake & DevOps: A data lake is an architectural approach that allows you to store massive amounts of data into a central location, so it's readily available to be categorized, processed, analyzed and consumed by diverse groups within an organization.

Data Science Consulting: Leverage data to tackle your organization's most challenging problems with predictive systems leveraging structured or unstructured data, big and small.

Machine & Deep Learning: Automate common data workflows,make digital products smarter, detect objects in an image, understand text, and many more applications using custom machine learning.


Clients on AWS

We enable our clients to meet their mission through innovative, secure, and scalable cloud solutions.


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As a service based company, we thrive on our client's successes. Our data scientists, consultants, and engineers work to collect, analyze, and build data systems to transform business practices. We'd like to help creating your next solution, whether updating and migrating legacy platforms or developing new data science applications. Technology moves fast, let's build sustainable solutions.