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Data Science Consulting Services


Data Science & Predictive Analytics

SFL Scientific provides data science expertise for all your organization’s requirements. We have deep knowledge in machine learning algorithms, business case, and data mining techniques that will help your company develop new technology and drive revenue. We provide technical knowledge in big data analytics, NLP, time-series, machine vision, and data warehousing, along with experienced project management to ensure successful last-mile development. 


Data Strategy

We assist business leaders to understand and evaluate the essential areas for accelerating growth using data and data-driven strategies. SFL takes an integrative approach, looking holistically at your entire business and all its important individual components to find scalable prototypes. By engaging our data scientists and consultants with leaders and internal development teams, we can identify and streamline a path towards the most valuable business impact.


Business Intelligence

SFL’s consultants are top authorities on business intelligence and automation technology. We provide the agility of an individualized business intelligence tool, with custom dashboarding, aggregation, predictive analytics, and enterprise-level governance and security knowledge. We create tools that significantly impact businesses and the aggregation of data, allowing companies to pull levers to set goals and improve performance. SFL first works with an organization to understand their exact data sources, how often they are refreshed, and create a single data source containing all relevant information and performance metrics. 


Information Management

Our consultants, DevOps, and data engineers can provide management of your company’s information assets, real-time compliance monitoring using automated techniques, and give recommendations to design and set up a secure framework to responsibly handle your information in compliance with legal, regulatory, and business requirements.


Software Development

SFL Scientific provides customized data-mining software solutions for each client. We are skilled in database support, data management, and data processing. Further, we can create full environment solutions and develop focused software to tackle any of your data-mining problems. Our design process is iterative, creative, detailed, yet prompt. We work with you to capture your vision to ensure desired results are met.


Scientific Advisory

SFL Scientific offers expertise to private equity, universities, private research institutions, and businesses. We can advise and consult on industry best practices, emerging technology, and R&D and CTO services, from the collection of big data through advanced analytics and digital product development. We can provide leadership for research groups and aid in both experimental and product lifecycle work. 


Pro Bono

At SFL Scientific we believe in a formal pro bono program; we actively support our communities with volunteer efforts and pro bono consulting work. Our staff support a number of organizations, and assist with their scientific needs - be it data science related or simply inspiring the next generation of scientists. We provide scientific consultation for teachers, humanitarians, artists, writers and filmmakers. We are also happy to give public talks at outreach activities and events.


Ready to Start?

Our consultants and engineers have worked with industry leaders, collecting and analyzing information to transform business practices. We'd like to help creating your next solution, whether migrating legacy platforms or developing new systems. Technology moves fast, let's build sustainable solutions.