Software Development

We provide agile software development and database platforms.

We find that many organizations and businesses have unique requirements that traditional enterprise software suites can't address. If 9/10 of your competitors use a named platform, where is the competitive advantage? We treat our systems like our talent; we nurture, grow, and continue to develop and optimize every workflow and line of code. 

SFL Scientific provides customized data-mining software solutions for each client. We hope that you'll see a unique opportunity where infrastructure, IT, and data science is used as a strategic asset to beat the competition. We are skilled in database support, data management, and data processing. Further, we can create full environment solutions and develop focused software to tackle any of your data-mining problems.

Our team is adept at updating legacy applications or implementing the latest technology. Our firm executes entire projects using a small number of good developers - this makes projects timelines responsive, iterative, and far under budget than firms that outsource their staff. 

As we move through creating specifications and business rules, we highlight and catch any problems early on and can introduce new features, insights, or an improved experience such that we can fully leverage the outcome.

Our software experts specialize in:

  • Technical Strategy and Data Strategy
  • Data Warehousing and Databases
  • Infrastructure Strategy and Leadership
  • Business Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Systems Integration
  • Deployment and Data-Mining