Scientific Advisory


SFL Scientific offers expertise to universities, private research institutions, and businesses. We provide leadership for research groups and aid in both experimental and theoretical work. In addition, we offer statistical analysis and graphical visualization for your projects, and have vast experience in scientific publications and presentations.


Our experienced staff of scientists have knowledge in a large range of technical fields. Our consultants can work as a partner in your research groups on established projects or lead new short-term projects to help you move forward with momentum.


We can help with the statistical analysis of your data, carry out theoretical modeling or create visualizations for your presentation. Additionally, we have the skills required to write up or polish your papers so that they are ready for publication.

At SFL Scientific we adhere to the scientific code of ethics when our clients use our services. For example, our consultants must be properly cited in the acknowledgements when his or her services are minimal and as a co-author when the input is substantial.