Pro Bono

Charity, Community Outreach, Coding School, Non-for profit. 

SFL Pro Bono Program

SFL's pro bono approach is centered on the idea that we can make a significant impact in communities by tapping into our individual skills sets. We engage in a formal program where non-profit projects are funded and staffed with the thorough dedication of a paid client engagement. It is important for us to give our team the tools, time, and leverage they need to pursue their passion or social cause. In addition, we provide numerous other opportunities for our consultants and scientists to volunteer their skills in the social and educational sector. These programs allow us to not only drive such social impact, but also grow our talent by encouraging community growth, leadership, professional skill development, and as a team building opportunity. We provide scientific consultation for governments, teachers, humanitarians, artists, writers, and filmmakers. 

At SFL Scientific we believe in helping our pro bono partners with their scientific needs, be it data science related or simply inspiring the next generation of scientists.  

SFL Scientific is looking to apply our skills for the greater good: To encourage science education at an early age and bring data-driven solutions to tackle the world’s toughest challenges like income inequality, hunger, poverty, public health, and more. 

We work pro-bono for advisory services and activities for purely non-profit events. Please contact us for a possible relationship.