Information Management Consulting

Data management, storage solutions, technical assembly, and automatic monitoring.

Define your business using new data and technologies:

Make your internal and external data sources flow seamlessly into your analysis tools. Establish governance and empower your users to leverage data to make analytics-driven, fact-based decision making, quickly. Working together, we can help organizations better handle the complexity of their data and new information sources, while reducing costs, and ensuring the integrity of information assets.

SFL’s consultants can develop information management tools for your company’s information assets, implement real-time compliance monitoring using automated techniques, and give recommendations to design and set up a secure framework to responsibly handle your information in compliance with legal, regulatory, and business specific requirements. Let's improve the performance of your systems or develop new ones to make better data-driven decisions. 

In this time of change, it is often difficult to upgrade and integrate new technologies into your existing data workflow. It is important that businesses and institutions take a more holistic approach with their information strategy to position themselves for the future. When examining the basic strategies to leverage the most out of your data, we find a common pattern with our approach to data science consulting:

  1. Gather internal and external data sources
  2. Determine analytics capabilities and goals 
  3. Develop and deploy architecture for the future
  4. Integrate current platforms and technologies 
  5. Analyze future transition states and new tech

Our consultants will work closely with you to design and maintain your data management standards to ensure your data is always of the highest quality and scales with your needs. 

From data to action

SFL helps businesses develop a data strategy that addresses architecture and governance frameworks that transform information into actionable and executable models.

Digitization, analytics, big data, IOT, and social media are quickly generating a new age of businesses and challenges that cutting into traditional information management and analytics practices. Automation and artificial intelligence can greatly augment the ability of business leaders to make forward-looking decisions using starting from a backbone of information management and analytics systems.

SFL's consultants work with you develop a custom strategy, and are experts in the following fields:

  • Business Intelligence and performance monitoring (predictive analytics, time-series, machine vision)
  • Advanced Analytics (statistical models, data mining, database management)
  • Data Management (from data and database to insight and action, its critical to develop a plan to integrate the model, not just make a predictive score)
  • Content Management (Our consultants are experts in mining, natural language processing, image classification, and new methods in document management, digital asset management, and text analytics)