Data Strategy

LIfe cycle of your data from collection through action.

Put our elite resources in conversation with your top decision makers to collaboratively discover the optimal path to your analytics goals. We make the important data insights operational in your firm.

SFL takes an integrative approach where we look both holistically at your entire business and all its important individual components. There are many examples of unstructured data in businesses, and we can analyze and interpret it, to help identify sets that you can then monetize. We leverage our expertise to better use that data to streamline existing pipelines and generate revenue. We use the best practices approach and offer a customized diagnostic and decision service to implement the resultant analysis for each venture.

Data Strategy

  • Data Strategy starts with the understanding of your business objectives and goals.
  • From here SFL will work within your current framework and use data based methods to identify current and potential business capabilities. 
  • Our goal is to determine a custom prioritized roadmap, make recommendations driven by business value, and implement them for your organization.

Enterprise Strategy

  • Identify the specific types of information that need to be managed
  • Determine the organizational ownership, implementation, and promotion of data systems
  • Demonstrate and champion the cause of using such data assets to drive business growth 
  • Initialize the collection, characterization, and predictive analytics to make growth sustained
  • Identify key enterprise challenges and work with executives to overcame possible pain points
  • Iterate and implement, providing guidance on future development and growth opportunities

SFL champions the use of data and analytics to realize strategic insights to help drive cross-business unit initiatives focused primarily on revenues generation, effectiveness, and efficiencies.