What is Data Science Consulting?

Workflow for data and information into a business

SFL Scientific is a traditional data science consulting firm specializing in data science, machine learning, and big data services. We use best practice methods and novel tools to solve and analyze your collected information type related to your specific business problem. SFL provides this customized service to your company by leading projects from inception to completion, supporting your data science and computing team to deliver on your project goals without pushing a 'one-size-fits-all' platform approach. We tailor our solution and method to your specific problem, giving you the flexibility to consume the information and generate the competitive advantage necessary succeed. 

Virtually every aspect of a business is now open to data collection. We believe that across industries the collected information or data can be categorized into four main types: Text, time-series, image, and consumer/market information. We also believe that the business decisions converge a number of outcomes: Increasing speed to market, increasing sales, lowering costs, increasing market share, or adding a product or service to your offerings. While the information, product, and goal is different for each business, it is important to take the same holistic data strategy approach for each client. At SFL, we apply a research and development approach to investigate that best possible outcome for the client and execute the vision at the highest level.

Business work flow for data

Our expertise spans from developing and implementing a specific data strategy to mining massive datasets and using predictive analytics to generate the business value. A small subset of the services that we provide:


  • Targeting
  • Price and promotion strategy
  • Campaign effectiveness


  • Traffic analysis
  • Market/customer segmentation
  • Customer optimisation


  • Acquisition and customer behavior/segmentation
  • Customer retention
  • Customer churn and lifetime value


  • Patient diagnosis and classification
  • Disease modeling
  • Policy optimization 


  • Financial prediction
  • Sales forecasting
  • Signal processing


  • Image recognition
  • Object detection
  • Image analysis


  • Document classification
  • Information extraction
  • Text summarization
  • Chatterbots


  • Fraud and fault detection
  • Production monitoring
  • Event detection

Our team can provide fast and reliable insight to optimize your company’s workflow, exploit new markets or to make the most of your current clientele. Our data scientists can help in all aspects of your projects, whether it be predictive forecasting, understanding your consumer base, or general data analytics.

We offer a comprehensive range of business intelligence and consulting services to add value to your business, turning your raw data into profit.