Business Intelligence

SFL's consultant's help businesses with data


SFL's consultants help businesses make better decisions. We provide the agility of an individualized business intelligence tools with enterprise-level monitoring and governance. As top authorities in business intelligence and data warehousing, we structure solutions to optimize your ability to leverage data.

Working as a collaborative partner, it is important to see the details as well as the big picture, while providing the tools and workflow necessary for specific problems in specific market segments. This is why we believe a 'one-fits-all' or 'best-fits' platform hinders your ability to ask the right questions, provide insight, and solve your underlying business challenges in real-time. 

  • Generate aggregate (and individual) views of all companies within portfolio or across segments
  • Track much more than just financial performance — look at operational metrics: Inventory, customer profiles, satisfaction, market segmentation, product profitability, etc.
  • Forecast revenue not just on past performance, but by incorporating sentiment, regulations, SEC filings, news reports, etc. 
  • Diligence — aggregate all company data and look for `red flags`

A tangible competitive advantage is gained from custom solutions enacted to solve targeted problems. Many of our engagements arise from client's needs driven by a wide range of interconnected factors. Our team delivers solutions that lay the foundation, narrow the problem, and apply data driven methods to increase profits and efficiency. SFL Scientific creates end-to-end pipelines to fully automate, handle, classify, and predict desirable features in customers, sales, marketing, and financials. 

We can Enable: 

  • Consolidation of data to enable enterprise-wide business intelligence
  • Mine your company’s data through customized software, study the competition, and model industry trends to develop a picture of where your company stands in relation to the market
  • Custom BI and visualization tools for real-time reporting of KPIs
  • Give data-driven recommendations, so that you can make informed decisions, to become market leaders

Next Generation Sales Models:

  • Personalized suggestions, offers, and alerts - real-time recommendation engines
  • Real-time customer segmentation and context (location, preferences, history, etc.)
  • Customer segmentation through usage patterns across touchpoints
  • Cross-sell and up-sell recommendations delivered to dealership team in real-time
  • Predictive customer ROI and lifetime value
  • Predictive inventory planning and pricing, incentives, promotions
  • Dealership optimization; from service monitoring to GIS dat

Automated Dashboards:

  • Operational and financial reporting and forecasting is a time-consuming and manual process
  • Companies underestimate the impact that automated reporting can have on bottom lines
  • We can create tools that significantly improves performance and the aggregation of data, allowing companies to pull levers to set goals instead of pushing metrics reports