Our Values

SFL Scientific's leadership is strongly equipped to provide relevant solutions and innovative methods with tight deadlines to our client's requests and projects. Our theoretical, computational, and analytic expertise allows us to deliver in-depth analysis to support your R&D and production efforts. 


SFL Scientific advises leaders in business, politics, and academia. We treat each of our clients as partners, with whom we are looking to form a deep relationship. We place great value in our founding principles of execution, engagement, and passion to meet the success conditions of our mission: 

  • Reactiveness: SFL Scientific has built a select team of highly qualified data scientists, data engineers, developers, and consultants. We continuously feed and train our team with emerging tech and best-practices to meet the demands of our clients.
  • Skunkworks Culture: Curiosity, efficiency, and flexibility are the main traits that we, as a team, apply to maintain a standard of excellence in all our work.
  • Business Awareness & ROI: Our business experience enables us to rapidly assess a situation and understand the bottom line and the immediate business value and case to develop. 
  • Relevance: We provide tailored and flexible solutions, custom to your business goals. Every project is unique, we not only welcome challenges, we revel in finding novel solutions to complex problems.
  • Mission Success: From project roadmaps, strategy sessions, and regular milestones to complete integration and deployment. We provide unparalleled coaching, support, and knowledge transfer. We work with the highest professional standards and provide dependable, long term results.