OpenDataSoft is a software platform that specializes in making data open, transparent and actionable. With OpenDataSoft’s platform, customers are able to collect data from multiple sources, break data silos, share interactive data visualizations, foster applicative development through APIs and collaborate with other key stakeholders.


Efron Consulting is a global IT organization with over 700 employees, supporting dozens of enterprise-level engagements in industries ranging from banking, insurance, healthcare to telecommunications. 

SFL Scientific is a proud partner of EFRON Consulting. Together, SFL-EFRON provide a full range of IT, Data Warehousing, and Data Science services. We leverage EFRON's expertise in managing complex enterprise-wide initiatives with SFL's data science experts. 

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Cunesoft offers a ready to use, pre-validated and highly secure cloud based regulatory compliance suite. Their solution has been built to fulfill regulatory needs holistically. The vision is to keep it as simple as possible while delivering compliance and meeting FDA 21CFR11, EU Annex 11, ICH, and GxP requirements. One out of five software modules is cune-IDMP. This is a user friendly and comprehensive data management software for xEVMPD and IDMP compliance that includes seamless access to external systems such as GSRS, UCUM and EDQM.


As proud industrial partners of Brown University, SFL works with their students and faculty to give them hands-on experience, preparing them for careers in data science and business, and addressing problems arising in industrial settings with their eager creativity.