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Deep Learning on Big Images - Strata Data Conference New York 2017

"New York, NY – September 27th, 2017 – Michael Segala, CEO and co-founder, SFL Scientific, presents a case study on how to adopt and leverage deep learning on big image data in non-traditional verticals to revolutionize a business and industry."

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PRESS RELEASES | 10.06.2017

SFL Scientific Announces Deep Learning Services Partnership with NVIDIA

"BOSTON, MA –  October 6, 2017  SFL Scientific today announced a new business relationship with NVIDIA focused on extending services for businesses that are capitalizing on the significant growth opportunities created by GPU-accelerated computing and machine learning technology."

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PRESS RELEASES | 09.11.2017

SFL Scientific Announces Consultant Partnership with Hortonworks

"BOSTON, MA – September 11, 2017 – SFL Scientific, a data science consulting and professional services firm, today announced a partnership with Hortonworks® (NASDAQ: HDP), a leading innovator of open and connected data platforms. The consulting partner relationship will feature initiatives that expand capabilities for..."

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Podcast interview about business and machine learning agency models

THE TOP - PODCAST | 07.16.2017

Nathan Latka interviews SFL's CEO: Technical and start-up advice for consultants and agencies.  

"Nathan sits down with Michael Segala for a candid podcast to discuss origins of SFL, first clients, and our approach of leveraging machine learning and analytics techniques to deliver insights within numerous industries..."

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How Data Science Brings Value Through Consulting Firms

"CEO Michael Segala shares case studies from the consulting world, and how data science can be used to drive business value; it's not a theoretical exercise any more, it's a business exercise to automate, reduce operational costs, and gain competitive advantage..."

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ODSC EAST 2016 - Interview with Michael Segala

"As a data science consultancy, we're really working with clients from all different markets, from healthcare start-ups to more traditional financial institutions - so our value add and service we try to provide is what your business trying to solve from a data perspective..."

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Machine learning course and techniques to apply to real-world healthcare applications.


Introduction to Applications of Data Science in the Healthcare Industry. 

"In the next five years, machine learning will play an increasingly important role in healthcare. Whether it's aggregating new results in medical journals using Natural Language Processing, predicting diseases using Time-Series Analysis, or detecting cancer from MRIs using Machine Vision, healthcare is on the verge of a big data revolution. The purpose of this course will be to introduce you to these topics and more..."

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