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Pre-Sales Consultant

Team: Sales
Location: Boston, MA (required)
Job Type: Full-time
Travel Requirement: 10%

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Job Description

Working with company leadership, the Pre-Sales Consultant will engage with SFL Scientific’s prospects and clients to build a relationship and understand technical and functional requirements needed to deliver data science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions. The Consultant will provide strategic and technical expertise as required and be able to identify and position use cases for AI and machine learning (ML) solutions or technical development of applications within specific industries.

SFL Scientific’s consulting and data science teams help organizations refine their business models and develop new products and services by leveraging AI and integrating emerging technology. We provide strategy, prototype, develop, and manage sophisticated AI solutions by building custom solutions. You will have the opportunity to exercise strong analytical and critical thinking skills, develop sales collateral, support marketing campaigns, and discuss how AI can solve complex and novel problems.


• Develop an understanding of machine learning, predictive modeling, and Artificial Intelligence solutions and industry applications within target industries: Life sciences, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail, manufacturing, etc.

• Communicate value of ML/AI within specific use cases and optimizing existing client research, operations, and product activities

• Provide B2B lead generation, developing new accounts & target individuals, refining messaging and sales materials; Develop leads and engage with technical and non-technical personnel in diverse departments and business functions within enterprises

• Monitor sales activity and action inbound prospects, providing support with company and services overviews

• Explain features and benefits of working with SFL Scientific in comparison to competitive consulting firms or service organizations and AI products

• Identify client and business requirements through email, cold calls, follow-up phone calls, and other means of communication leading statement of work development

• Work closely with marketing and sales teams towards the development of new technical and business content, solutions, or services based on feedback and market research

• Participate in trade shows and industry events with leading partner groups such as AWS, MSFT, NVIDIA, ODSC, etc.


• Bachelor’s/Master’s in STEM field, business or a related discipline

• 2-3+ years experience in managing clients either as a consultant, analyst, or in a pre-sales/sales capacity

• 2-3+ years experience in technology sales or marketing roles with a proven track record of lead generation; enterprise healthcare and life sciences experience a plus

• 2-3+ years experience with the products and analytics associated with AI or machine learning or related industries (cloud services, analytics, business intelligence, data/big data services)

• Experience presenting technology solutions as a business solution and able to position a broad spectrum of professional services and technical offerings

• Ability to quickly understand the use of ML/analytics for diverse business problems

• Excellent communication and client skills; needs analysis, objection handling, positioning, business justification, etc.


Base salary, additional compensation [bonus, commission], medical coverage, 401k plan, paid time off (vacation, personal/sick, parental, etc.), flexible work-schedule, on-going sales & industry training, and other company-wide perks.


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