Data Science Consulting & Artificial Intelligence

As a boutique data science consulting firm, SFL Scientific offers custom development and solutions in data engineering, machine learning, predictive analytics, big data, and Artificial Intelligence. We use specific domain knowledge to solve complex and novel business problems with data-driven systems.

At SFL, we are industry agnostic, solving data-intensive and technically complex challenges that are enterprise-scale in diverse fields. By employing a holistic approach to our consulting services, we combine the latest technical advances, real-world expertise, innovation, and an understanding of your core business to generate tangible and immediate value.

Data Science & Analytics

Use state-of-the-art techniques to cut through the noise in the rapidly changing information landscape and find business indicators to monitor trends, predict, and control your future. 

Data Strategy

From data collection, governance, and hardware, through predictive model integration, SFL can audit and provide the roadmap to reach your business goals so that you can discover more.

Business Intelligence

SFL consultants are top authorities on BI technology. We make the pertinent insights required for growth, from data source integration and administration to metadata models and report design.

Information Management

Make your internal and external data sources flow seamlessly into your analysis tools. Establish governance and empower your users to leverage data to make analytics-driven, fact-based decisions.

Software Development

We are skilled in database support, data management and data processing. Further, we can create full environment solutions and develop focused software to tackle any of your data-mining problems.

Scientific Advisory

We provide consulting, leadership, and technology evaluation for firms and VCs. Our scientists can perform the necessary stress testing, modeling, and IP validation to make sound investment decisions.


Expertise Across Industries

Our US team of data scientists, data engineers, and consultants develop custom solutions, using machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and predictive analytics methods to solve complex problems for your business. We create automated tools and end-to-end pipelines, providing actionable insight and revolutionizing organizations with the intelligence pertinent to growth. 

We welcome the challenge and the opportunity to work alongside your R&D and Executive teams, perform strategic guidance and give insight into your next big decision. By working together, we will develop new systems, solutions, and products to separate you from your competition.


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